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How to Start a Dropshipping Business


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We all grow and change over time… so why not brands? Whether selling new products or just simply updating a logo, a rebrand keeps a company modern and reminds customers that, yes, they are still in business. But fax number database rebranding shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not only does it take time and money, but your company’s reputation is at stake if you miss the mark. So below we explain what you need to know about rebranding: what it is, when it’s right and how to do it in 7 steps. How to rebrand - the ultimate guide Illustration by OrangeCrush What is rebranding? — Rebranding is simply when a company redoes or improves any of its branding elements: logo, color palette, typography, etc.


The idea is that if a company is changing, and they want people to know about it. You can rebrand as much or as little as you want, from simply changing your slogan to changing everything including your company name. It helps to think about it as three different categories: Brand refresh—You change fax number database minor details only, such as modernizing individual aspects of your logo or slightly changing the hues of your color palette. Partial rebrand—You change certain elements but not others, such as using a new logo that uses elements, themes and colors from your old logo. Full rebrand—You change everything as if you were a completely different company. Burger King logo 1955-1968 Burger King logo 1955-1968 Burger King logo 1969-1999 Burger King logo 1969-1999 Burger King logo 1999-2020 Burger King logo 1999-2020 Burger King logo 2020 to present Burger King logo 2020 to present While rebranding isn’t always necessary, if you move forward with it there is a sacrifice involved. For starters, there’s the cost of rebranding—anything from hiring a one-time logo designer to funding a worldwide, multimedia ad campaign to launch your new look.


That’s not just an investment of money, either, but of time and human resources as well. On top of that, rebranding always carries a risk that your new brand won’t perform as well as your old one. You can mitigate this risk through proper planning and following the steps below, but nothing is foolproof. That’s why a fax number database company should only consider a rebrand when the time is right. When is it time to rebrand? — How do you know when it’s time to rebrand? Below are some common red flags that signal rebranding might be a good idea. You’re changing your products/services We’re not talking about introducing one or two new products or offering your flagship item in a new color. If you’re breaking into a new market, a rebrand is a good way to garner attention and (re)introduce yourself. The Gap started in 1969 as a record store that sold jeans on the side. Gap is now a clothing store. 

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